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The Founder’s Message

Bhavarlal H. Jain

I am a Jain. My ancestors adopted Jain religion eight generations back in late eighteenth century. My family tree has drawn deeply from the virtues of non-violence (ahimsa), truth (Satya), aparigraha (non-acquisitiveness), anekant-vaad (democratic attitude towards the multiplicity of faiths and beliefs). I have inherited these value systems and have lived them in my personal and business lives.

These principles were at the base of Gandhiji’s generative ideals. Besides, my mind has also been deeply impregnated by Gandhiji’s other principles like the innate linkage between vegetarianism and purity of thought,

universal love and brotherhood, kindness and compassion, and seamless integration of thought and action–doing as preaching.

In all sincerity, I have come to firmly believe that Gandhiji’s political, social, economic, environmental and spiritual prophesies are the best available guidelines for a fractured, restive and divided world community to realign its orientation and revert to normalcy. In the actualisation of this process, orientation of the present and future generations towards the Gandhian thought will play a major role, I think.

Since almost a decade, I was feeling the need of a central facility where various aspects like sizeable collection of Gandhian archives, museum, comprehensive academic research facilities, formal and informal Gandhian study, extension services, etc. would be handily available to diverse interest groups.

With this background and aim in mind, I set out to build Gandhi Research Foundation, or Gandhi Tirth, as I more closely relate to it. Since six years, this has been my labour of love. I sincerely hope that the effort has been worth its salt.

I invite Gandhian brethren and all others concerned from across the world to honour us with a visit to Gandhi Tirth, with dialogue and debate in mind. Together, let us strive to preserve the Gandhian way of life for posterity. It is only then that the timeless legacy will be engaged with the mainstream world views.

It is worth considering and remembering that omnipresent Gandhiji is also quintessential Gandhiji. His prophesies are the best, and perhaps the last hope for humanity to revert to humaneness.

Gandhi Teerth, Jain Hills, PO Box 118,
Jalgaon - 425 001 (Maharashtra), India
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