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International Workshop on Eradication of Poverty in Rural Community

The workshop initiates the Empowerment for Peace through Leadership in Agribusiness and Sustainability (EmPeace LABS) project conducted in frame of a partnership between Gandhi Re–search Foundation (GRF), Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL), and Arizona State University (ASU). The EmPeace LABS project is coordinated by University–Community Partnerships for Social Action Research (UCP–SARnet). EmPeace LABS 2012 is an international leader–ship training workshop that will utilize proactive working sessions and “hands on experiences″ to develop its participants’ leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and sustainable practices in the area of agribusiness and water management techniques in order to build peaceful, prosperous communities. The workshop will initiate a 5 year project (2012–2017). that will repeat annually and will be followed by similar trainings organized locally in various participating countries. Initially Cameroon, Ghana, Gambia, India, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe are being targeted.

EmPeace LABS 2012 is 7 days working sessions includes following topics
– Water for Agriculture
– Efficient water management & sanitation
– Agriculture & Peace
– Organic Farming
– Women as Community Leader
– Community Building & Community Leadership
– Agriculture Economics & Micro–finance

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