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Code of Conduct

The museum Code of Conduct is designed to maintain the cleanliness of the premises, and for a safe, secure and pleasurable museum tour. Help us serve you better by strictly adhering to it.

  •  Entry to the museum is allowed to children of standard five and above.

  •  Minimum time required for museum is 3 Hrs. approximately.

  •  You will not be allowed to carry anything into the museum, other than the clothes and footwear you are wearing.

  •  Mondays Closed.

The following are not allowed inside the museum

Eatables, solids / liquids including aerated and non–aerated drinks :

  •  Above items in solid or liquid form, either tinned, packed or in tiffins.

  •  Cold and hot drinks or water in any type of containers, bottle, tin, pouch or pack.

  •  Frozen foods like ice creams, sundaes, desserts, etc. in cups, cones or bulk packs.

  •  Any intoxicating items in eatable, chewable, drinkable, snuffable or inhalable form, e.g. tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs, pan, pan masala, snuff, supari, cigarettes, bidis, etc.

  •  Chewing gums and similar items, e.g. toffees, pepper mints, candies, lolly pops, etc.

Electronic devices :

  •  Spy cameras, spy pens, micro cameras, and any type of surveillance equipment.

  •  Mobile phones, iPads, Tabs, laptops, still cameras, audio and video recording devices, earphones, headphones, USB pens or any other recording and reproducing devices.

Writing / drawing / digital drawing / painting materials :

  •  Fountain pens, ball pens, gel pens, pencils, sketch pens, etc.

  •  Paints, spray paint containers, crayons, brushes, color pencils, etc.

  •  Electronic scratch pads, mobile screen drawing devices, etc.

  •  Graffiti painting, scribbling or scratching on any surface inside or outside the museum.

Personal possessions/carry–ons :

  •  Any carry–on items made out of wood, plastic, metal or such other material.

  •  Personal possessions of any kind and any material, e.g. hand bags, carry bags, purses, pocket pouches, brief case, suitcase, vanity case, scarf, muffler, etc.

Harmful or hazardous items/actions :

  •  Any abrasive material or objects.

  •  Any kind of inflammable, explosive or hazardous material, chemicals or devices in solid, liquid, paste, or any other form, e.g. match boxes, gas lighters, crackers, etc.

  •  All sharp edged tools, objects or devices which can cause harm or damage, e.g. knife, scissor, cutter, nail cutter, blade, nails, camping knife, pins, clips, etc.

General precautions and notices:

Do’s and Don’ts

  •  Do not touch any objects or surfaces in the museum except the touch screens.

  •  Do not pluck flowers, fruits or any other flora, and do not harm the greenery.

  •  Do not spit or spill.

  •  Do not bring pets in the Gandhi Teerth premises.

  •  Do not mishandle the expensive and sophisticated technological interfaces like touch screens and gesture–enabled devices.

  •  Cooperate fully with the physical metal detector check at the entrance.

  •  The museum is under electronic surveillance and is monitored uninterruptedly by CCTV cameras. Observe decorum and do not indulge in any unruly, indecent or objectionable behavior including talking loudly, whistling or behaving noisily.

  •  Anybody found to be stealing or pilfering museum property or assets will be heavily penalized.

  •  The audio guides (ear phones) must be handled with care and returned at the exit counter without fail at the end of the tour. They are custom–made expensive gadgets programmed for museum use only. They have no other use.

  •  The cost of damage, deformation or destruction caused to the museum’s assets or property by any individual or group will be recovered in full and on the spot.

  •  The entire Gandhi Teerth and adjoining area is a green zone. Do not litter or dispose any waste and/or left–overs like plastic bags, pouches, food, etc. in this premises or surroundings.

  •  Follow all instructions given by GRF staff or other authorities.

  •  Preserve your tickets until you leave the Gandhi Teerth premises.

Complaints / Suggestions

  •  In case of complaints or grievances, please contact GRF staff or security personnel.

  •  We welcome your constructive suggestions for improvement of our services and facilities. Please use the suggestion book for this purpose, which is available at the exit gate.

  •  No complaints will be entertained or refunds granted in case of shortening/cancellation of the museum tour for technical or unforeseen emergency reasons.

Safety / Security

  •  If you notice any object or item lying unattended or in suspicious condition, please inform the GRF staff or security immediately.

  •  While every care is taken for safe and secure conduct of the museum tour, GRF will not be responsible in any way for any accidental harm or damage of any nature and due to any reason caused to any visitor before, during or after the museum tour. Anybody visiting Gandhi Teerth and the museum does so solely at her/his own risk and responsibility.


  •  Those who book their tickets/tour in advance will have priority. Similarly, VIPs, disabled and sickly people, and senior citizens will receive preference of entry. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

  •  Access to library facility is restricted and governed by a separate set of rules.

  •  Free entry to museum restricted to GRF staff and promoter trustees.

  •  Advance information regarding visit of very aged and disabled people will be appreciated.

  •  First–Aid kit is available with GRF authorities.

  •  Currently, the museum’s content is exhibited in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

Selected items for sale

  •  Publications related to Gandhiji and his contemporaries such as Vinobaji, Sane Guruji, etc.

  •  Publications of the Founder Trustee of GRF, Dr. Bhavarlal Jain.

  •  Khadi apparel such as Shirts, Kurtas, Pants, Jackets, Sarees, etc., and stitcheable Khadi material.

  •  T–shirts, Tops and Gandhi Caps with Gandhi Teerth emblem, Gandhiji’s messages, etc.

  •  Freshly made pure vegetarian home made snacks and juices available.

  •  Cottage industry products like honey, soaps, oil, etc. procured from authentic sources.

  •  Handicrafts and other items like coffee mugs, decorative objects, etc. with Gandhi Teerth emblem, Gandhiji’s quotes, insignia, signature, etc. These are mostly hand–made items by Anubhuti school students, or other rural artisans.

  •  Memorabilia, souvenirs, etc. made from wood, glass, plastic, and other materials with Gandhiji’s insignia, signature, messages, etc.

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