The Research Fellow should ideally choose to work on one, or at the most two, of these Thrust Areas, or alternatively on an allied research field of contemporary relevance, adopting an interdisciplinary empirical, applied and constructive approach. This should be articulated in a research proposal, highlighting the project’s significance for advancing Gandhian studies along with its innovative potential, as well as underscoring the researcher’s expertise in the field and his/her goal orientation.

Terms and Conditions of the Research Fellowship:

A. The Research Fellow will agree to
Offer seminars to a select audience and to deliver a public lecture on the selected research topic.
Participate in and help organise academic events.
Submit research results to the Dean of Research for peer review.
Acknowledge the support received from the GRF for the research in the forthcoming publication.
Comply with the general rules and regulations of the GRF campus.

B. The Research Fellow will be provided by the GRF with
Free board and lodging during the research period.
Free access to library, archival and other resources with proper authorization.
Local travel support for field work, if required.

C. Eligibility
Postdoctoral researcher/Doctoral student or Postgraduate in any discipline.
If the candidate is an activist: working experience (3-5 years) with grassroots and community organizations, social movements, or in the above-mentioned thrust areas.

D. How to apply
Persons, interested in evaluating - through interdisciplinary and applied research - the relevance of Gandhian solutions for tackling contemporary problems and crises, primarily in India, but also affecting the global community, are encouraged to submit their applications, comprising a research proposal (max. 5000 words), as outlined above, along with detailed bio-data (underscoring academic performance, publications, social-work/professional experience), and testimonials by 2 referees.

Applications are to be submitted with a covering letter to:

Dean of Research
Prof Gita Dharampal
Gandhi Research Foundation
Jain Hills, P.O. Box 118
Jalgaon, Maharashtra
(Please use both email addresses)

For queries call:+91(0)257 226 0033 or