Success Stories

The GVSP collaborates with over 50,000 organizations throughout India and with a substantial number overseas.

An exponential increase in the number of students: starting with 3876 students from one district of Maharashtra in 2007, the program has now touched the lives of 10 lakh students from across India and a few overseas countries.

Conspicuous positive changes in the behavior of students after undergoing the GVSP are reported by parents and teachers.

Greater understanding and appreciation between teachers and students are widely reported.

Institutions are finding the GVSP an effective tool to express and spread the values to which they are committed.

More students are beginning to show an interest in reading Gandhian literature.

A ‘Gandhi Centre’ in an increasing number of Institutions has been established.

Through the GVSP, a transformative experience is offered to Jail inmates, thus preparing them for mainstream life.

Those who appeared for the GVSP very often enroll for the next level.

There is an increasing demand for post-exam interactive sessions as well as for the ‘Mohan to Mahatma’ mobile exhibitions at schools /colleges to address the queries of students.

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