Code of Conduct

Library Logistics

Besides its extensive collection of printed volumes, the Library also comprises a digital database that can be instantly accessed through the central console.
The Library is equipped with a high-speed internet service that can be provided for individual use, but only for research purposes.
Trained & dedicated Associates, headed by an experienced Chief Librarian, are ready to respond to any queries and to assist readers at all times.
Through the “Koha” library management system software the computerized catalogue can be accessed.
Scanning and printing services (at minimum charges) are available, but copyrighted documents cannot be scanned. However, the digitized material may only be used for academic and research purposes, and not for commercial gain.
In case of copyright infringement, the Gandhi Research Foundation and its employees do not bear any liability.

General Rules for Using and Borrowing Books

Library working hours: 9 am to 6 pm
Silence is to be observed at all times in the Library.
Eatables/refreshments are strictly prohibited.
The use of cell phones and cameras inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
Readers must not mark or write upon any book belonging to the Library.
Readers must return books and other materials to the Library-in-charge before leaving the Library.
Readers are held responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such damaged books or other property or pay the value thereof.
Books can be issued on loan to members for a restricted period of not more than ten (10) days. If absolutely necessary, issued books can be renewed for an additional ten days.
A member is not allowed to borrow more than two books at a time.
Books of value/periodicals/manuscripts will not be lent to members. In special circumstances the Chief Librarian may, at his discretion, permit valuable books to be borrowed for not more than one week against a security deposit by the member.
Books in special demand will be issued for a shorter loan period.
As precautionary measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, readers shall have to wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing.
Sanitisers will be placed at the entrance and at multiple spots in the Library.